Craig Dowsett
Model and Surfacing Artist
Demo Reel
At a young age, I found out that I would never gain any form of super powers due to
being exposed to deadly radiation. I'm still pissed about being robbed of the power
cosmic. I turned from the tortured life of a super hero to the next best thing: 3D Graphics!
Yes, 3D is fun and easy to do. Now, with the advent of computers, you can simply "Push
the Button" and entire feature length animation can be finished in a matter of seconds.
Poor live action directors have to toil with incompetent crews who never appreciate what
geniuses they are. Not 3D artists! They work alone- and therefore live alone. Your
average 3D artist lives and works in his parent's basement, drawing pictures of women
he will never meet. Sounds like fun! 3D artists also make big money- over hundreds of
dollars in a single year! A 3D artist's life is nothing but sunshine, which they block out
24/7 toiling away in a darkened crypt. 3D graphics- the next best thing to being bitten by
a deadly radioactive insect.