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God of War 4 (2018), Days Gone (2018), Concrete Genie (2018), Spider-Man PS4 (2018), Archangel
(2017), Destiny DLC (2015), Lair (2007), SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 (2006), Killzone: Liberation (2006).

Ready Player One (2018), Black Panther (2018), The Mummy (2017), The Penguins of Madagascar
(2014), How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), Peabody and Sherman (2014), Turbo (2013), The Croods
(2013), ParaNorman (2012), Puss in Boots (2011), Night At The Museum 2 (2009), Coraline (2009).

Digital Domain 03/16-Present
Virtual Art and Design Character Artist: My department creates assets to be used in Virtual Production
for feature film, Games, VR and AR. My pipeline uses Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Marvelous
Designer, PerForce, Unity and Unreal. I create Character models and props for a variety of projects.

Sony Computer Entertainment 08/15-03/16
Senior Artist: I worked on high end character models and performed lead duties on a scan remesh
pipeline. My duties included modeling in Maya/Zbrush/Mudbox, UV generation, normal map generation,
low rez game character modeling, and scan remesh.

Prologue 02/15-07/15
Senior Modeler: I worked on character, environment, and prop models for Bungie's Destiny Game

Sony Computer Entertainment 08/14-02/15
Remesh Lead: I worked on high end character models based on scan data. I over saw scan alignment,
marker tracking, transferring scan data to final topology, mudbox cleanup of assets, and a variety of
other character modeling tasks.

Digital Domain 07/14-08/14
Digital Artist: I performed a variety of digital art duties including modeling, UV mapping, and normal map

DreamWorks 09/11-07/14
Modeler: I worked on character/prop models for DreamWorks movies. My responsibilities included
poly/nurb modeling, UV layout, hair curve generation, and model trouble shooting.

Laika 01/09-09/11
Modeler: I worked on models/textures for the movie ParaNorman. My responsibilities included concept
development, texturing/surfacing, modeling, and technical development.

Rhythm and Hues 09/08-01/09
Model TD: I worked on character/prop models used in the movie "Night at the Museum 2". My
responsibilities included general modeling, UV layout, and blendshape modeling.

Laika 03/07-09/08
Modeler: I worked on character, prop, and VFX models used in the movie Coraline. My responsibilities
included proper topology layout, concept modeling, and blendshape modeling.

Sony Computer Entertainment America 03/06-03/07
Cinematics Modeler : As part of the modeling team, I generated character/prop models for our
cinematics and trailers. My generalist responsibilities included shader generation and texture painting.

Platt College 07/03-03/06
Lead 3D Instructor: My responsibilities included generating CG art and giving lectures on CG graphics.
My classes covered modeling, texturing, life drawing, and a variety of CG art related skills.

BCM Seoul Korea 06/02-06/03
Freelance Artist/Art Teacher: Implemented an art teaching program.

Klasky Csupo 09/01-04/02
Maya Artist: Using Maya, created lighting, texturing, and models for animated short "Milo".

Modern Cartoons 01/01-08/01
Maya Artist: Created modeling, texturing, and animation for PBS show "Jay Jay the Jet Plane".

ThinkBox Inc. 01/00-01/01
Art Director: Art directed and created art assets. Managed a team of artists. Worked in Flash/3DSMax.

Rhode Island School of Design 1991-1995
B.A. in illustration, completed animation degree project.

Marvel Comics Intern 1994
Learning experience involving editorial, marketing, production, and advertising.

Brown University 1993
Medical illustration study.

VES Award nomination "Outstanding Effects Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture" 2010
I was nominated for my work on Coraline.

Top row artist at Zbrush Central, featured in the Pixologic gallery March 2008
For my Zbrush representation of Princess Leia.

Director/Creator: "El Moin Gro Uchland" 2002-present
Appeared in: Anarchy, Gallery 825, Renegade, etc. Won Best Film at Smogdance 2002.

Animator/C.G. Artist: "SAFO Signal Film" 2001
Intro Film for Ottawa's international. animation festival.

Advanced: Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter.
Medium: Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, Mudbox, Illustrator, After Effects.
Basic: Unity, Unreal, Perforce, Xnormal, Shotgun.

Illustration, Life Drawing, Story boarding, Animation, Sculpture, and Design training.
Craig Dowsett
Model and Surfacing Artist
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